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Car, Truck, RV, and boat donations are fantastic ways to get significant tax writeoffs–as well as a a great way to help people who are less fortunate. When donating, make sure that the charity is classified with the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization to ensure that you can claim the tax deduction.

Many charities/donation services will accept automobiles whether or not they are running and will pick up (tow) the vehicle at your home or work place. You should ask for a donation receipt, though in most cases you are responsible for assessing the fair value of your vehicle (we suggest that you check the Kelly Blue Book).

Car Donation for Youths - A car donation can change a life by providing at-risk youths with a second chance at their high school diploma. Free pick up and a great tax deduction.

CHARITY CARS: Car Donation Program - Receive full retail value deduction even with the new tax law. Only the original Charity Cars is nationally acclaimed, 100% charity, not a for-profit car

Donate Car Easily and Fast - Free towing. Simple process. Give low income children a safe place to learn after
Car Donation - Free Hotel Stay - Your car donation will benefit our youth programs. You’ll receive a free

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