Hobby Site to Successful Business

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I have been asked to share some of my secrets for a successful Six Figure Income Website.
I started my website as a hobby over 6 years ago. I never thought at the time that it would grow into a successful business. Over the first few years the popularity grew in my little niche but I never really received much of an income. I started with no experience using Front Page and to this day still use Front Page To Keep my 20,000 pages organized. When Adsense came along all the many hours and hard work paid off.

I think the largest factors in my success is the constant addition of new content and updating of old content. I think I have done a great job at giving my visitors a reason to come back. I currently receive over 80,000 unique visitors a week. The single largest factor in my success was when I decides to diversify. I constantly add new content related and unrelated to my original Hobby. I actually started with numerous domain names and hosting services, which became quite expensive. So a few years ago I moved all of the content from all of my sites to my original hobby website.

I have read in past posts that a one man website operation could not earn the income that I earn, that I am not a true webmaster by using Front Page and I should not put all of my eggs in one basket. I am very glad that I didn’t read these posts until after my website was a success.

So in conclusion my advise is to keep your visitors coming back with an easily navigated and updated website, continuously add new content and diversify. Also listen to what Google recommends because it works. I have always concentrated on meeting Google’s requirements for good rankings and did not worry about the other search engines. The funny thing is since I took that approach my Website is equally ranked on all search engines even though 80% of my traffic from search engines is from Google.

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