How Does Google Optimise For Best Paying Ads

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How Does Google Optimise For Best Paying Ads

If you subscribe to the premise as I do regarding MFA’s being low payers then maybe you may have asked yourself this question. Google maintains that only the best paying ads are chosen for the premium position with an ad block or a page of ad blocks. So what gives every time a see an MFA in top spot and a legit advertiser taking last position? Looking at the structure of my page code I know it’s not the placement of my code.
The Google algo must consider many variables besides bidding price before determining placement. On the assumption that Google probably makes no distinction regarding the quality of an advertisers site, poorly paying yet well well targeted MFA’s (from an bots view) may be assumed to be more relevant (thus more benificial to the publisher) because it has the potential to attract more attention.

Yet I know from a human point of view when reading some of these well targeted ads, red flags are flying everywhere as they obviously smell like MFA’s or spam traps.

I can hear the other side of the arguement regarding my premise of low paying MFA’s being flawed. However that begs the question: How do MFA’s make a profit if they do not keep costs low when trying to attract traffic through adwords? I have visited some of these MFA’s and they contain identical ads to my own plus the MFA ads that I had previously barred from my site.

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