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Optimized Pageload Time Increased CTR & Income

I’ve been around Adsense, and here long enough to know that fluctuations in clicks, ctr etc can be caused by almost anything, and jumping to conclusions is a pointless excercise.
However, I have made one change to my website that seems to have made a difference to all of the above, and a subsequent rise in income.

Most of my site visitors are in the US, but as I’m located in the UK so was my web hosting. I figured it didn’t really matter where the host was. I have recently moved hosting to the US for a variety of reasons including the fact that most of my visitors are there, and it just might give them a faster load time to the pages. I guess that the pages load faster in the US now - they are certainly loading faster here.

Interestingly enough, the effect was immediate once the domain had transferred. ctr and clicks went up. I’ve always kept the pages minimalist so as to provide faster loading times - especially the main index page. If the assumptions are correct, then it would appear that the load times are pretty crucial to if a visitor stays, and if they click or not!



Until recently I thought that I would never use AJAX since the content would be loaded dynamically and it would never be read via a search engine. I was wrong.

I am working on a site that has a very heavily linked front page. It is similar to Yahoo in that there are all sorts of destinations that a user might wish to go to. (before you even start it is not a directory service / scrapper so stuff a sock in it ) The number of links on the homepage is well over 200 and the page size is over 60k.

The links are structured in a Major heading and followed by the sub links in a box underneath the heading format ( ie: yahoo style ).

It occurred to me that I could use AJAX to pull the links in the major categories and load them in the boxes.

This would reduce the number of links seen by a SE bot, fail gracefully for a person with javascript off ( the sub pages have the links needed ), and reduce overall page size.

Voila! AJAX actually helped my SEO


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