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By OptiRex :

Adsense/contextual advertising is becoming more and more important for many pro/semi/hobby webmasters and over the next few years will most probably play an even more effective and dominant role in advertising.

Every day in this forum we read new posts from people wanting to know the “easy route” to riches, some are prepared to work hard however many seem not to be so enthusiastic about learning something completely alien to themselves.

It’s understandable that they wish to take the easier route but will that benefit them over the long run?

In my opinion I very much doubt it since experience and in-depth knowledge is playing a much greater part in contextual advertising optimisation these days for those who want to earn the bigger bucks.

Recently I was admonished by a moderator for calling someone “lazy” for not understanding the basics of html coding since they were using an online resource for generating titlebars and metatags.

The coding produced was excellent however it puzzled me as to why anyone would need such a thing unless they were doing something for the very first time and then, surely, they should have learnt what it is that they were doing and what it was for?

I’m not going to to get into the pros and cons of using something like Dreamweaver, my point is that to optimise for both the search engines and Adsense is that the webmaster should have a reasonable knowledge of site construction and coding elements.

Or have too many years of using a text editor and CSS turned me into relic which needs to be dusted down and shown new methods?

What are your thoughts when you see “new people” entering this business and asking the same questions over and over again and, yes, I do know that some are 100% professional about their intentions but you have to admit some make it very evident that they are going to try and rip-off the programme.

Ought we to have one master sticky for all adsense newbies to read before posting the first time and that they have read and understood the basics? Then if they post a question with the answer already in that sticky they can be slapped across the wrists, if that’s allowed, and sent back to the sticky page and not allowed to post again until agreeing not to post anything without first checking the sticky page?

I know this idea has been posted before however the frequency of some of these all-enveloping, questioning posts are becoming too regular.

After all, how many times have you answered a question about the Adsense T&Cs by referring to Adsense, finding the answer and then posting the URL or quoting it?

I’ve done that at least 40-50 times when the same resource is available to the poster.

Ok, I know I don’t have to read nor answer these posts however one master sticky page would answer a great many issues posted by new Adsensers.

Bring on the ideas…

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