Addiction and effects of drug abuse

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I really wanted to learn more about addiction and the different effects of drug abuse.

The first website we had to visit was the quiz about drug abuse. There were many questions on the quiz, if the person answers ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, they should seek help and consult with a professional or someone knowledgeable.

I have never consumed any illegal drugs, but I have used tobacco cigarettes before as well as caffeine. I never wanted to be addicted to tobacco, so I stopped before letting myself consume a lot of it. However, in the case of caffeine, I was very addicted. I used to drink about 20 cups of coffee per day. I didn’t tell anyone about the amount of coffee that I was taking to escape the ‘lectures’.

In consequence, I experienced hypertension, sleeplessness, and other affects. Then, I decided to stop the consumption of caffeine, so I decreased the amount of caffeine that I was taking daily until I reached the point where I completely stopped coffee.

I still don’t like to smell the coffee because I feel that I really need to have some, but instead I usually drink a hot cup of tea.

The second website we had to visit was the quiz about addiction and recovery. The quizzes didn’t work well for me.

When I answer the questions and click on “check answers” the website would give me an error. However, I was pretty sure of my answers, so I didn’t need to check the answer, because the information was provided in the chapter.

I didn’t learn a lot from this website, because I felt the questions were somewhat easy compared to the information provided in this chapter.

The last website was the one that asks if ‘you can talk about drugs’. The definitions were very helpful to the reader.

They were simple and straight to the point which is very helpful for someone seeking information about drug effects. There was also some helpful information at the bottom of the page about talking to others about drugs. The author said:

Here’s some advice if you’re worried or find it hard talking to your parent(s)/carer about drugs:

1. First find a good moment when they’re not too busy. Approach them while they’re relaxing and you’re more likely to get their full attention

2. If they want to know why you’re asking about drugs, explain how important it is to know the facts.

3. Make it clear that wanting the right info doesn’t mean you use drugs.

4. They may know more than you think they do, so listen as well as speaking out.

First of all, if someone has questions about drugs and is worried to talk to his/her parents about it, they should know that there are many people that could help, especially at school.

They might feel more comfortable talking to a counselor at school than a parent.

It is important to seek the right information when it comes to such important issues.

Some parents may not know the answers to the questions or may not understand the reason behind these questions.

One should seek the right people to talk about drugs, drug abuse, and/or overcoming drug addictions.

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