Addiction and having a better life

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By Rayan Kayssi

I actually visited these websites, and couldn’t stop reading! The stories are amazing. You see how the people are very happy and proud to overcome the addiction and are really looking forward for a better life.

The first website in the module had a lot of real-life stories.

It was amazing to read what the people had to say. I noticed that many of them are actually educating themselves now to become certified counselors in order for them to help others, and actually make something good out of the horrible experience they had. It’s sad how many of us only learn the danger of things when we actually experience them.

It is really hard being addicted to something and not be able to do anything about it.

No matter how strong the person is, he becomes really weak when addicted. All he can think about is the drug he is addicted to and how to get it no matter how.

Even when they have supplement, he is always planning a way to obtain the next one, so that they don’t have to go through the terrible feelings.

It is also very true how these single drug abuse cases actually affect the society we live in.

It is really a big problem in our country (and many others.) Parents worry about their children when they send them to schools and let them socialize with other people.

They don’t know who could have that “joint” or crack or anything of that nature that could get their child hooked.

It is really hard to say “No.” Teenagers and others experience a hard time with the rest of their friends or whoever they are associating with.

They might try out the things that they know are not good for them, or chose the wrong option knowingly, just to stay in the group and not be left out.

The smart ones are the ones that actually chose the right people to hang out with, and the ones that chose the right decisions when are faced with such choices.

It is hard to say “No” but also, with the proper education, when one knows the affect of trying out these drugs on themselves, they should very easily be able to say “No” even if they are going to have to make new friends.

We should be able to stand out for ourselves, after all, when we take such drugs and become addicted and harm ourselves, it’s not our friends that are going to be suffering for us, and it is definitely not a “cool” experience to be in. So, if we don’t stand out for ourselves, what are we going to stand out for? What’s more important than our health? That’s why, I think education is very important, we should educate our children and friends, so that they could be able to make the right decisions at all times, no matter how much pressure they are under.

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