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By Rayan Kayssi

This module’s assignment in particular does not affect me a lot because I don’t drink alcohol at all.

I have never tried it because it is against my religion, however many of my friends drink and sometimes I feel that they do have a problem even though many of them deny it.

For the first part of this assignment, there was the alcohol quiz.

The webpage that we had to visit had an error. I am not sure if there was supposed to be more than one question, but I was only able to see one.

I was also not able to see the answer to the question because of the website error. The question that I was able to see and answer was:

Which of these does drunk driving do to you?

Helps you take risks

Makes you more aware of your surroundings

Speeds reflexes

Helps you keep your eyes on the road

Increases the pleasure of driving

I know that drunk driving does not make the person more aware of the surroundings and it definitely does not speed reflexes, instead it slows them down.

Drunk driving also decreases the ability to focus so it certainly would not help the person keep his/her eyes on the road.

As for the last option, I’m not sure if drunk driving increases the please of driving, but I felt that the first option is correct answer because drunk driving does help the person take risks and sometimes these risks could be dangerous and deadly.

The second website we had to visit was the alcohol abuse webpage that is sponsored by the Indiana University Health Center.

The webpage had very good questions, and since I don’t drink alcohol I used my friend to answer them.

My friend doesn’t think she has drinking problems and surprisingly enough she answered ‘yes’ to many of the questions.

I printed a copy for her and someone else because I felt that these questions are very important for people to ask themselves so that they could bravely assess themselves.

Even though this assignment had only two websites to visit, one of them was very informative and taught me important questions that could be asked to evaluate the drinking problem of people.

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