Drugs Exam Questions

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By Rayan Kayssi

In the first test, the first question was new information for me. I never knew or thought that one can die instantly from spraying lighter gas directly into the mouth! I answered that as False, but apparently it was true.

I have a solid background in sciences, such as biology and chemistry, but I never learned that before. It was interesting to know.

As for the other questions, they were somewhat easy.

Though I didn’t know what some words meant, I was able to speculate the correct answer.

For example, I didn’t know what amphetamines were, but I expected them to be stimulants, so they wouldn’t calm the person down or relax him. In the next question, I knew the answer would be false, because a stimulant is definitely doesn’t speed up the body.

A stimulant temporarily arouses or accelerates physiological activities.

In the following question, it says that if you take an E Tablet and dance for a long time, the body temperature will increase.

I don’t know what an E Tablet is but I know when someone dances for a long period of time, the body temperature has to increase.

It was a little tricky, but I thought that maybe the E tablet could cause an opposite reaction, but the answer was correct. I search online for E Tablet to find out what it was, but I didn’t find anything.

Another test question was asking if it was dangerous to mix drugs and alcohols, which is definitely true, because they both have psychoactive effects and could cause severe damages when taken at the same time. The rest of the questions were pretty straightforward as well.

As for the other test that we had to take, I didn’t know any of the slang words, except for about 4.

Knowing 4 out of 30 is surely not good enough. After submitting the test and looking up all the answers, I tried to do it again to see if I would get them right. I still got most of them wrong! They are not easy to remember, since there are many names for the same thing.

For example, toot, sneeze, snow, dust, and Lines are all names for Cocaine.

I also didn’t know some of the Alcohol names such as: hooch, juice, hard stuff, sauce, and brews.

There are many slang names for drugs that are used today by our society, mostly the young generation, pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults.

It is important to know these slang names and to know their affect on the body so we can warn our children and friends. If we don’t know the language they are using, we won’t be able to help them.

I enjoyed these exams, especially the second one because I realized how much I am “clueless” to the names that are commonly used by many people in our society.

Hopefully, by the end of this course, I will be able to discuss clearly the affect of drugs and how dangerous it is in our society.

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