Gender socialization

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By Rayan Kayssi

I visited the webpage provided in this assignment and read the information it contained on social inequalities and stratifications.

The webpage contained many links to other websites that focus on specific topics in social stratifications.

I chose to further observe the aspects of gender inequality and I visited this website for that matter: .

The study of gender has emerged as one of the most important trends in the discipline of sociology in the twentieth century.

The research and theory associated with studying gender issues has propelled the sociology of gender from the margins to become a central feature of the discipline.

As gender issues have become more mainstreamed in scientific research and media reports, confusion associated with the terms sex and gender has decreased.

In sociology, sex refers to the biological characteristics male and female, and gender refers to those social, cultural, and psychological traits linked to males and females through particular social contexts.

Inequality based on gender does exist within our society; women have been mostly seen as weaker and as less able than men.

For instance, it is only in the past 20 years or so that women who actively pursue a career outside the home have been seen as normal. However, today women in the work force are common and even accepted to a greater degree than in those days.

In general, women have always had lower status than men, but the extent of the gap between the sexes varies across cultures and time.

Social inequality not only exists in employment and career choices, but it is also present in family relations, language, and development.

For example, in family relations the mother is always expected to be primarily responsible for the organization of the house, taking care of the husband’s needs, preparing the food, taking care of the children (including bathing them, feeding them, waking up at night for them, and help them with their studies.)

The father is usually responsible for putting food on the table that is to work outside the home in order for him to provide the family with the money needed. Even these days, when a woman goes to college and obtains a degree and when she goes out and starts a career, she usually drops everything whenever she becomes married with children.

Other women, that choose to go to work, always have a guilty feeling on their mind. The society implies these roles for us.

In addition to family relations, there is gender language inequality. For instance, for speakers of English, unless stated otherwise, everyone begins as male.

American English suggest that all people are male until proven female. The best example of this attention is when the word ‘man’ is used to exclude woman and then used generically to include her.

This is demonstrated when we speak of culture as ‘manmade’ or when they claim the evolution of ‘mankind’.

Also, the English language does not have a neutral singular pronoun, ‘he’ is always seen as the generic norm, with ’she’ as the exception. A doctor is he and a nurse is she.

Most neutral designations are also ‘he’ words. A consumer, employee, patient, or parent is he, despite the fact that women represent over half of these categories.

On the other hand, there is the inequality of gender development. According to social learning theory, boys and girls are not parallel in the acquisition of gender role knowledge during the primary socialization years.

According to this theory, a girl would become quite anxious about being encouraged to perform roles held in lower esteem.

For socialization overall, girls have the advantage in gender role flexibility, but boys have the advantage of a higher prestige gender role.

There are many problems associated with class stratification in the United States.

In general, I believe that gender socialization is one the major problems of these inequalities.

If these gender inequalities were to be eliminated, the social class would change.

I believe education is the most important factor in this equation, everyone should learn that social class and gender socialization are achieved and that we can change everything if we are open for dramatic changed.

At first, it is going to be difficult because of our social norms, but when everyone stand for themselves, I believe these norms would change and new norms would be set for the future social class, just like in the past many years, women took a stand and entered the working force.

At first it was very strange, but currently, we do depend on women in the society.

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