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By : Rayan Kayssi

The first part of this assignment is to basically gather information on stimulants.

The links of the website given were not working, so I looked at different websites and did a search on google regarding stimulants.

Since, we have seen many resources about drugs; it was easy to find the information.

I don’t really want to spend a lot of time writing about this part of the assignment, because the second and third part were the one that I focused on, and the parts that really provided new information to me.

The second part of the assignment was about cocaine usage in pregnant women.

The URL that was given to us was actually a link to a brochure or something that had questions about pregnancy while consuming cocaine.

I was really fascinated by the damages that could occur from consuming drugs while being pregnant.

First of all, I didn’t know that cocaine stays in the body for 30 hours after its consumption! What is even more surprising is the fact that it could stay in the baby’s body from 2-4 days! Other than miscarriages and structural deformity that could occur to the babies, babies have been observed to have some withdrawal symptoms.

Why would any mother put her baby into such hardship? I’m sure that the lack of knowledge is definitely one of the reasons, and of course, a cocaine addict mother wouldn’t be able to act appropriately even if she is pregnant, because all she has in mind is obtaining a new dose of cocaine at any cost.

Another thing I learned from this website is that if the father had cocaine before sexual intercourse, the cocaine would appear in the sperm and would cause some developmental problems.

It also stated that the safest way approach for a man is to stay away from using cocaine for THREE months prior to conception when sperm is developing! I never thought that cocaine could actually damage sperm and cause problems.

As for the other parts of this assignment, I visited the cocaine addiction website. Honestly, when I see this kind of information being provided to the public, I wonder how come people don’t take advantage of it.

Why do they let themselves fall behind and become addicted, homeless, and pursue prostitution? Now, I’m sure not all addicts are homeless and I know that not all of them pursue prostitution or commit crimes, but help is out there.

There a lot of rehabilitation facilities out there for people to seek help, I don’t understand how come they don’t seek help.

They do know that it’s affecting their lives, why don’t they act upon restoring their health back to how it was?

There should be more advertisement about this issue; there should be flyers everywhere about rehabilitation centers.

I think if we educate the new generation about drugs and their effects at an early age, we wouldn’t’ have drug abuse to be that big of an issue many years from now.

They will know how to say no to drugs, they will not have this peer pressure, and crimes and diseases would decrease. Basically we will have a better society.

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