Should drugs be legalized

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By Rayan Kayssi

Should drugs be legalized? Why or why not?

This is a difficult question to be answered. Many people could argue both sides. There are positive and negative aspects to both answers.

To come up with an answer, each person has to draw upon his own values to come up with a decision.

As for me, I believe that drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and the rest should remain illegal.

Of course one could argue the difference in these drugs and that some are more dangerous and the others, but in one way or another they are all harmful.

We all know the advantages/disadvantages of having these drugs illegal, because that’s how it is now.

Currently, if one uses these drugs or sells them is considered committing a crime. Having these drugs illegal is not stopping the people from using them though. It has never stopped drug dealers from pursuing that path. This is where the question comes from.

People start wondering, if drugs are legal, would it be different? Would the drug dealers stop selling illegal drugs, because they won’t make as much money? Or would the teenagers and young adults stop consuming these drugs because they are not doing a “taboo” thing anymore.

People are usually tempted to do what is wrong but when it is provided to them, they tend to consider their options and chose what is best for them.

With all these factors in mind, it is a very tough decision for someone to agree that some of the psychoactive drugs should be legalized.

Simple, because we are discussing dangerous drugs, drugs that could affect the person’s health dramatically and possibly result in his death.

In my opinion, all kinds of psychoactive drugs should be illegal unless they are being prescribed by a physician who administers the dosage of that particular drug.

There are yet many generations to come, and if the new generation grows up in a society where all of these drugs are legal, they might want to experiment in them.

Having an easy access to them can only be harmful and the consequences would be terrible.

A very small example of these dangerous drugs is Cocaine. I researched some of the effects that cocaine has on the body, and I found out that cocaine has both short and long term negative effects.

Short-term cocaine effects include:

Increased blood pressure
Constricted blood vessels
Dilated pupils
Mental alertness
Increased energy
Increased heart rate
Decreased appetite
Increased temperature

long-term cocaine effects include:
Auditory hallucinations
Mood disturbances

Last but not least, I would like to quote an interesting observation about the cocaine, from the website I used.

It says “With continued use, many cocaine addicts develop a higher tolerance for the drug over time. Addicts are also said to “chase the high”; meaning they continue to use cocaine seeking the feeling they felt the first time they used it.

For people addicted to cocaine and cocaine effects, this high will never again be felt in the same way, and this addiction can lead to insanity and death.”

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