Symbolic interactionist perspective

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By Rayan Kayssi

After learning about the different sociological perspectives, I see myself agreeing mostly with the Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives.

The symbolic interactionist perspective is based on a microlevel analysis. Since, I am new to sociology, and I have never learned about the different aspects and perspective of it, I see myself agreeing mostly with this perspective because it’s the one I can relate mostly to.

The symbolic interactionist perspective is defined as the sum of the interactions of individuals and groups.

Interactions between individuals and groups are some of the most important factors of behavior between individuals.

They affect the way people work and communicate with each other. Many make friends because of good deeds and others become enemies because of bad behavior.

For example, when one brings a gift for his/her neighbor during a pleasant occasion, they end up being on good terms. However, when others put their garbage bags near their neighbor’s house, they end up with arguments. In such neighborhood, these interactions between the neighbors determine the status of this neighborhood.

They could all be friendly and happy with each other, or there will be problems and fights between each other.

Same concept could be applied to bigger neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

Hence, though the interactionist perspective is based on a microlevel analysis, it could determine the social state of the country, on a macrolevel scale.

Even though, the other perspectives, such as the functional and conflict perspective had solid arguments, they are too general.

The interactionist perspective is needed to focus on the people’s day-to-day interactions and their behavior in groups, in order to fill the void of the other perspective’s macrolevel analysis.

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