Green tea

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Green tea is formed when the leaves of the tea plant – Camellia sinensis – are allowed to undergo only a minimal amount of oxidation.

Traditionally, tea drinkers in countries outside South East Asia have rarely consumed any green tea at all, and the heavily oxidised black tea is still by far the most popular tea in most parts of the word.

During recent years the green tea has however received a lot of attention world wide and it grows more and more popular each year.

Compared to black and oolong tea, the taste of a green tea has grassy tone and is more similar to the taste of fresh leaves.

Just like other types of tea, the green tea can of course be prepared in a multitude of ways and the pure taste can be altered, e.g. by scenting the tea with dried leaves or buds from other plants.

Green tea has lower caffeine content than more heavily fermented tea types and is richer in antioxidants.

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