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Leo T. Gaje is professionally recognized as the worlds leading authority on Edged-Impact weaponry and the Filipino Martial Arts. For more than three decades he has trained military, law enforcement, and private citizens worldwide in the combat Bladefighting system of Pekiti-Tirsa Kali. Mr. Gaje serves as Chairman and President of the Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization and presides over national organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

In the early 1970’s Mr. Gaje pioneered the development of Defensive Tactics based upon safety and liability reduction with his introduction of the Safety Baton System tactical training and the first realistic and effective close-quarters knife and edged weapon defense with the Edged Weapon Awareness/Strategic Knife Defense program. As National Training Director for the Justice System Training Association and the United States Police Defensive Tactics Training Association he instructed these and other tactical skills nationwide to federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies. As testified by Dr. Kevin Parsons, a leading law enforcement legal authority and CEO of Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) “These tactical training programs are the most progressive, effective and advanced methods for the application of intermediate force, liability reduction and officer survival available to the law enforcement community today” and that “The techniques of Leo Gaje have revolutionized the use of force”.

Mr. Gaje has developed military close-quarters combat skills programs and trained military special operations forces from across the world. Currently he serves as a senior consultant to the Philippine national government conducting training programs for military and law enforcement units engaged in joint allied counter-terrorism operations in the pacific region.

Mr. Gaje annually conducts worldwide training seminars and remains today one of the most sought after instructors and consultants on close-quarter combat, defensive tactics, and personal protection



Stephen Joffe brings some 35 years of experience in the field of martial arts to his teaching, his study began in Africa at the age of 5 within the schools of Judo & Karate. Tutelage in Shotokan Karate fell under the auspices of the Japanese Karate Association and its highest ranking Masters. Trained for South African Army, Field Infantry Stephen moved to Europe as a teenager, here he practiced Aikido with one of the original students of that system, Minoru Kanetsuka. Stephen’s experience within these disciplines led to his rapid accomplishment in Muay Thai, which he began teaching in the first ever Muay Thai program at University College London in 1987, this whilst completing his degree in Biochemistry. He later worked with the CDC Emory University in Atlanta (GA), designing drugs in the fight against HIV & Brain Cancer.
Before leaving Europe for America, Stephen competed & trained alongside London’s most respected martial artists & Champion Thai Boxers. He also worked as spearhead for security at the Astoria Theatre in London – which provided him with a real testing ground for both his intelligence & martial skill.
After moving to Colorado in the early nineties, Stephen taught Gymnastics to USAG Olympic level for several years, and subsequently started his highly popular Martial Arts program at University of Colorado in Boulder. This course has been running for 9 years, during this time he has traveled & worked with martial artists in Thailand; Japan; Hong Kong; Philippine Islands; and across North America. The demand for Stephen’s talent has seen the opening of his Center Line Martial Arts School in Boulder (CO), where he now teaches; his ability in the martial arts comes from a daily practice and an immense passion for teaching. Stephen has been fortunate in being able to work within a direct lineage of some of the most advanced martial systems.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Great Grandmaster Yip Man – Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung
Sigung Michael Street – Sifu Stephen Joffe

Stephen has recently produced a book: “The Science of Ving Tsun Kung Fu –
a reference text” by Michael Street, his Sifu – this text will soon go to publication & is set to establish a landmark within Wing Chun literature.

Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Tuhon Leo Gaje – Maginoo MandalaTim Waid – Guru Stephen Joffe

Stephen works in close conjunction with the Pekiti Tirsia Kali family under the direct supervision of Tuhon Leo Gaje & Tim Waid. Stephen Joffe is Director of Training for Colorado, USA; he has just returned from training the Philippine National Police & the Force Recon Battalion within that group.

With a focus on direct application in Stephen Joffe’s martial education
he offers a specialty in his technical appreciation, teaching defensive tactics to law enforcement & close quarter combat to tactical operations; he is a firm believer in the best tools for the best job.

“The martial arts are a philosophy & a Way of life towards balance, in accordance with nature.”


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