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what is the best internet connection for home use in Lebanon?

Well, since I get this question a lot! I thought I’d summarize my opinion about it over here, for whoever might benefit from it… in Lebanon, here are your options:

1- Dialup: Needless to say, this is very slow, and probably the most expensive, if you are a heavy user. I rarely recommend this to anyone; you would need a modem installed on your computer, a subscription from the ISP (monthly recharge) and of course your phone line would be billed based on the number of hours you use…

2- Cable internet: a step above the dialup, but still not very effective. The speed usually is not very stable, and varies based on the number of users currently browsing/downloading, not to mention the many restrictions the cable suppliers may enforce upon you (for example a certain number of sessions, maximum download per day, etc…)

3- Wireless Internet: and here I am talking about the REAL wireless solutions, such as Wise, Mobi, Wigo. Not your next door cable supplier who installed a wireless machine on your building, then again gave you a cable dangling from the roof!
Wireless internet in my opinion is the best solution available right now in Lebanon, looking at the cost, and the advantages. It is a bit more expensive than cable, and DSL (depending on the plan), but it gives you the advantage of portability! Meaning that you may take your internet connection with you almost wherever you go! The problem is that you do have a download/upload limit. And you do have the disadvantage of having to pay for the wireless machine, which varies depending on the company.

Now amongst the many Wireless internet suppliers, I strongly recommend Wise. They have a very good offer right now, where by every day between 11PM until 8AM, you have unlimited Bandwidth!!! That’s right, can’t beat that huh?? Their network is also very stable, and very reliable, they have a very good support team on call…

4- DSL, finally! I have to say, I was one of the many enthusiasts about the much anticipated arrival of DSL to Lebanon, but like many, it was a great disappointment. As usual, Ogero thought only of making more money, and put a cap limit on all their plans, meaning, yes… Limited download/upload, making Lebanon the only country in the world with “Limited” DSL, just so that Ogero may charge you extra when you go over your plan… Quite cheap, and disappointing!