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A few months ago when I first purchased BANS I was asking about a BANS-Wordpress integration so that you could combine the best of both worlds.

I like the easy to use menu structure of the BANS site which allows users to easily find what they want and the search function which allows them to search ebay auctions for what they want.

In Wordpress I like the way a post can easily be set up to add more content to you site and the wealth of Wordpress plug-ins that do a varietly of amazing and helpful things.

When the BANS-Wordpress integration was announce I eagerly installed it but was disappointed in the fact that rather than combining the best of both you were really coring out the innards of a Wordpress site and filling it with BANS so you basically had BANS in a Wordpress shell that no longer had any of the Wordpress benefits.

Has integration gone any further? I notices some people on the forum are marketing an integrated product. Does it combine the power of both platforms? Thanks in advance for your help

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  1. Admin said,

    January 5, 2008 @ 6:59 am

    I really feel that there is a place for both BANS and Auction Master plugin. I am new at BANS but found that it takes quite sometime to set up one site.

    Personally, I’ll be using BANS to set up sites with bigger niches that have greater number of daily or monthly keyword searches and use Auction Master plugin to

    1. Set up auction pages in existing blogs and

    2. Set up WordPress Blogs in smaller niches.

    I believe that the extra time required to set up BANS sites in bigger niches with greater number of daily keyword searches is well worth it. This is because I’ve observed the BANS auctions results are more tightly targeted that Auction Master auction results and hence the pages are better search engine optimised.

    Being new to BANS, I’m still trying to figure out how to integrate WordPress and Bans 2.0 using the WordPress template. I understand that there is a tutorial for this for integration with BANS 1.3 but this does not appear to have been posted in this forum. I have PM’ed one of the administrators to send me a link to this tutorial but have not received a reply. I do not know why it has not been posted in this forum - or perhaps it’s been posted and I’ve missed it. Can anyone who has the link to this tutorial or know where the link is point me to it please.

    I’m unable to find categories at eBay for my various niche products to enter into BANS for page setups. I find that I’m able to find the products that I wish to display on a page by keyword search at eBay but unable to find their category number using the category search in BANS during setup.

    Can someone please guide me on how to get the categories to keyword specific search results and also how to change the large search box at the top of auction pages to only display the categories for the niche as I have often observed other sites are displaying?

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