Creating Link to Specific Auction in Wordpress

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I got away for a couple of days and got to thinking. Dangerous, I know. What I am thinking of doing is driving traffic to my BANS store via a weblog.

The premise is that there is lots of cool stuff for sale on E-Bay. Also, direct links to a site helps google find the site and wordpress has more respect in Google’s eyes than a BANS site.

So I am thinking of having the BANS site and a wordpress blog. Every day I will highlight 1 specific auction in a post. Should take a very short time to do so, copy the pic and add some copy. 5 minutes at the most.

But the money question is, how do I link to a single item through my BANs account or CJ PID?

Even if I have to the individual item I can put boiler plate that sends people to the BANS site. ie If you like this item, please visit our Used Widget Store to find hundreds like it.

So any suggestions would be welcome on how to make this idea work. I truly think the combination of wordpress and BANs is a winning combination from an SEO and synergistic perspective.

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