Finding a niche NO other BANS user has targeted

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This is very simple, but not 100% foolproof.

As many of you know the BANS sites have some what of a footprint.

“Powered by Build A Niche Store”

If you search for that term in your favorite search engine you will see thousands of BANS powered sites.

Finding a niche that no other BANS user has discovered isn’t going to be easy with the popularity of BANS.

You can however increase your chances of not duplicating another BANS user if you are looking to be truly unique.

Just put your niche in the search query along with “Powered by Build A Niche Store” in quotes. This will turn up any website that has the powered by logo turned on and related to the niche you are searching for.

Remember, this isn’t foolproof because some BANS users choose not to display the powered by logo for this simple reason, they don’t want to be discovered easily by their competitors.

I’ll give you an example …

Do a search for - go kart parts

Now do a search for - go kart parts “Powered by Build A Niche Store” and you will see how many BANS sites have targeted the go kart parts niche.

Happy NICHE hunting…

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