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Commercial Advertisement

Rawd Alach

Response Paper: Commercial Advertisement

“Take notes on a television commercial, summarize it, & then break it into its rhetorical components, using either the Aristotelian rhetorical model or Speech-Act theory.”

Doritos broadcast a thirty second commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, called “Live the Flavor”.

This commercial starts out with a male driving a car while grabbing a bag of Doritos. He opens the bag with his teeth, and as he is doing so, he notices a female walking on the sidewalk. The female is also holding a bag of Doritos. The male ogles her.

Then the picture frame pauses and the word “SPICY” appears next to the female.

The motion continues. The female smiles and holds up the bag of Doritos. The male give a very wide, unnatural smile back to the female.

As he is doing so the frame pauses and the word “CHEESY” appears beside him.

Then the male crashes into another car. His face slams on the bag of Doritos and the steering wheel.

The frame pauses again and the word “CRUNCHY” appears. The female sees the accident. She runs into the street in front of moving vehicles. The frame pauses and the word “BOLD” appears. Then the female trips on something, causing her to fall.

As she is falling the word “SMOOTH” appears with a question mark.

The commercial ends wit her on all fours looking up, smiling at the male who is peering from his car window. The word Doritos appears on the screen with the phrase “Live the Flavor” under it.

According to Aristotelian’s rhetorical model of persuasion or argument this whole commercial draws on the pathos appeal along with other appeals along the way. The first rhetoric component is when the male looks at the female on the street and the word “spicy” appears next to the female.

The pathos appeal is clear drawing on people’s motivations. This frame can mean that the good looking female is eating a spicy flavor of Doritos, therefore she is spicy.

Then when the word “cheesy” appears and the male made a very cheesy smile to the female, putting him in an awkward situation. This maybe viewed as comical to the viewer or another viewer may identify with the male giving him sympathy because he has made a foolish face in front of the attractive female.

As for when the words “crunchy”, “bold”, and “smooth” appear. They hold with them besides a pathos appeal, a logos appeal as well. The male crashes into another car because he was not paying attention to his driving. So if one does not pay attention they will get themselves in a crunchy situation, drawing on other food metaphors, “a sticky situation”.

At the point of the crash, the viewer may feel sorry for the male. When the female steps in front of a car, she is labeled “bold”. Because stepping in front of a moving car is bold, hence a logos appeal. Her being bold is also emotionally appealing to an audience. Being bold often entails being courageous, a positive attribute.

All the while both the male and the female are holding the Doritos bags. The last label is “smooth” with a question mark after it.

It is a question because after the female was bold, she ended up falling. Hence, enticing the question of is she smooth? This still holds a pathos appeal to the audience.

Now the audience feels that both the male and the female are not smooth and therefore alike in some way with a chance of being compatible.

The phrase “Live the Flavor” in the last frame exudes a pathos appeal as well as an ethos, arête appeal. The phrase sounds like a wise saying, for one to live their life in many flavors, enriching their existence.


Competitive Analysis of Dell and Gateway

By : Rawd Alach

Executive Summary

This comprehensive analysis will be comparing Dell, a company that is thriving right now in sales and customer satisfaction and Gateway, another company that is doing well, but could make some definite improvements to their company.

We will be going through different parts of the marketing process to compare and contrast things such as marketing issues, products, pricing strategies, advertising, sales promotion, etc to compare and contrast the two companies. The main focus of this analysis is to show the different issues that each company faces and then to suggest ways that they can make themselves a better company.

Industry Description and Outlook

The computer industry has revolutionized the way of life for Americans.

It has changed our culture in ways that can never be undone. Socially, we communicate more through instant messengers and e-mail, but the industry is almost single-handedly blamed for creating the lack of face-to-face communication rampant in our country.

Computers have made the workplace more efficient, but some feel they have actually created more work. The computer has revolutionized our way of life. It has made it possible for me to type this paper with little or no misspellings or grammatical errors thanks to “spell check”; while I am simultaneously talking to my aunt, fiancé, and best friend on AIM; while also listening to “Love Shack” by the B-52’s on iTunes.

They have created chaos in our lives by the allowing us to over multi-task. But, they have also made our lives easier by giving us an amazing tool for our everyday lives. Life on your computer is endless: you can do anything but make yourself a pizza, but you can certainly find the recipe for any kind of pizza on the internet. The total impact of computers on our culture may never be realized. Our reliance on computers is a phenomenon not foreseen by the creators.

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