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I would like to know how to intergrate bans into joomla myself rather that be a component + module or a mambot.

The downfall I see with bans for the most part is it isn’t setup like a blog like joomla. Joomla when you make a update to your site. It automatically send out a ping for the search engine spiders to come visist your site again.

Been using joomla for years now and know it inside and out.

One thing with Joomla! though is that isn’t really a blog, it is a content management system. Wordpress, TypePad, those are blogs. Yes Joomla can be used as a blog but talk about overkill! Same goes for Drupal.

Maybe I’m the minority here, but I’m not sure of the point of integrating BANS into something complex like Joomla. Wordpress maybe, but even then every example I’ve seen the store is a secondary part of the site and I wonder how much traffic that actually gets. To me, I want a store so I use something like BANS. I want my traffic to come because it is a store, thereby increasing the possibility of a sale. A blog is meant for a different audience, a different user. Sure you can still have a store attached, but there are easier ways of integrating ebay feeds into a blog or other site. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have any content on your store, as you probably should to get the casual searcher, help with SEO, etc.

Besides, there are far easier ways to make money from a blog than attaching a store to it. Just my opinion anyway.



Build a niche store - BANS

Build a niche store

I got home today and received an email from my hosting company stating that my hosting service and 6 of my domains had all been suspended and disabled. They stated this was due to a violation of their terms and conditions. They included a technical support ticket number for me to reference. ?

Their support system was the only thing I could access. All of my domains stated that my web service had been terminated. My email servers were not allowing me to authenticate, and I couldn’t access my FTP servers.

I accessed the tech support system, and the ticket stated that my services were disabled because Lacsote had sent them a letter to shut me down. They stated that I was selling counterfeit Lacoste products on my website.

The website in question was a Big and Tall Men’s fashion store. I had the BANS software pulling big and tall men’s fashions into several categories, one of which was Lacoste.

Build a niche store - BANS

I contacted my hosting co’s support, and when I gave them the ticket number, they had me hold because a manager wanted to handle the issue. I had to explain the eBAY affiliate program to them, and that I did not own, possess, actually sell, or ship any of these products. I explained that I was referring business to eBAY in exchange for referral commission.

They stated that they could give me Lacoste’s phone number and I could discuss it with them, otherwise I would need to respond to the support ticket stating that I would comply with their request to remove all of their products from my website. Once I did that they would re-enable my site, and I would have 24 hours to bring the site into compliance.

Build a niche store - BANS

If Lacoste had a problem with any of the products that showed up in my BANS store, I wish they could have gone to the source (i.e. the actual eBAY seller that possessed the product) instead of whacking my hosting. That pisses me off, but tells me that they didn’t understand what they were looking at. I’m not interested in any drama, and don’t have the nerves or energy to put up a fight with a big company like Lacoste. So I agreed to pull any references to their products down. I was able to access my site, and replaced the index.php with a temp page.

So that’s about where I’m at. I was pulling down quite a few first page google listings with this site, and was doing well with it. I really just wanted to post this to vent a bit. But also to let anyone else that might be running any clothing stores and have any Lacoste products showing up on their page to watch out. Lacoste is on the war path.

Build a niche store - BANS

Now I need to determine if there is a way for me to ensure that their products don’t appear on my site anymore. I’m afraid that by using a generic term like ‘polo shirt’ , that the BANS software might bring back a result like ‘lacoste polo shirt’.

Anyone know if it is possible to use a negative keyword or something?

Any recommendations appreciated.




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