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This CD of energy information I hope will lead to a new awareness of our need to stop the destuction of our planet and lead mankind into using natural forces to provide energy needs.

To use the Enclopedia select from you CD drive location the file INDEX.HTM from the root directory of this CD, for the main page link but any other html or html file should lead you back to the first main link.

This CD contains the complete website data I have placed at many websites.

I have tried to put this CD together to help others that have difficulties in accessing the net for information.

That is why I have included the main paint program I used that being Paint Shop Pro.

The main web page creator I used namely Web edit

Some files on this disk come on a zip format and I have found WINZIP is usually able to extract these easily and quickly.

You will need to install these programs on your computer for them to work for you

All htm or html in the actually encyclopedia of free energy should work correctly but htm files in the other folders may not link together properly and pictures may not show as well so I suggest selecting each file individually within those other folders .

I must also thanks others that have helped to supply me with the information and photographs ect for others to share via this CD.

I have to tried to make it error free as possible and if there are some I hope you understand that I not a educated person and hope you forgive the spelling errors as I am trying to pursue a dream and my time due to my main source of income from factory work limits what I can achieve at the moment.

Best wishes.

The reason I created this CD and my websites across the world

In the early sixties I went with a friend to their elderly woman relation she had a wood fire and was always struggling to find the energy and money to keep that going for warmth. in cold winters we can have here in South Australia

I imagined other elderly people in that position every since and felt there must be way a help them and other in a practical way.

I have spent the last 25 years and money on collecting various free energy patents ,articles etc some possibly are not worth the paper they were written on ,some I do not know about ,others show possibilities maybe with a little more experimentation and research by others.

I am presently engaged in electrostatic experiments on a limited basis when time, finance and my present employment permits on trying to duplicate the swiss ml machine and other electrostatic experiements.

So I present the information I have collected for two reasons to inform and stimulate others to action

Please feel free to contract me at the email address above and below or to my Postal Address below to discuss the ideas or share some of yours or to let me know of other web sites with similar themes.

It is my hope that you find the information contained on this web sites to be interesting and challenging and to provide a pathway to encourage changes to the way we do things now for the benefit of us all.

For those that are interested I have available a 25 minute video Showing the swiss ml testakica in close upoperation with details about the community that built it.

The video is suitable for the Australian and British Pal tv format and is in the VHS format

the cost is thirty nine dollars payment in Australian Dollars

Geoff Egel
18 Sturt Street Loxton 5333
South Australia
Australia PLEASE NOTE Here is one really interesting website check it out`


 bullet Project magnet, Sinclaire Technology Research This site is well worth a look really interesting in terms of free energy and possible flying saucer technology



I haven't tried this myself and have no additional information so do at your own risk
one quart of water
one cup methanol
one teaspoon clear detergent (wetting agent)
one quart naptha
shake well
The emulsion is called Gunnermans Fuel patent no 5,156,114 dated 1992
There is also a 96 version somewhere.
The source claims the recipe is crude but did enable him to run a law mower and cut three acres of grass.
If you try it let me know how you got on.
Credit to Author Thor F Maricopa Arizona U.S.A

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Geoff Egel
18 Sturt Street
Loxton 5333 South Australia