Flying Saucer diagram

Flying vehicles

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What is described is a means of propulsion for such a flying disk.

The entire outer skin of craft is covered with means of producing Cathode ionizing rays.

When an ionizing ray is produces it breaks down a layer of air to form a vacuum and then is re absorbed into the air.

This could be a means of propelling a craft through the air.

The reports of these craft seem to indicate they prefer flying in a straight line for any given direction

This could be achieved by the following means.

For directional control the vehicles skin is divided into sixteen sections eight above on top and eight below.

Please note more less sections could be used in the guidance of the flying vehicle.

To move the craft in any direction half of these sections must be switched to on and producing ionizing rays and the others to off leaving this area to a be normal air pressure.

To move in any direction set the vacuum producing sections so that mid section top and bottom is in the direction you wish to go.

The air in front of craft for this direction is then turned into a vacuum and the normal air pressure behind craft pushes it into the low pressure area and because the ionizing rays continues the craft continues to move in forward direction.

To go up the entire top surface is turned to vacuum producing rays and the bottom is turn off.The craft entire craft moves upwards.

To go down reverse the above process.

To power the craft an ionizing cathode ray generator could be employed as described in the ION CATHODE GENERATOR

This vehicle could not have portholes as the changing air pressures could cause them to break so TV cameras would needed to be mounted around the edge of craft to aid in navigation.

The Ionizing field would produce a very bright light and would be very dangerous to anyone standing near when in operation and could only be safely approached, when all of cathode emitting units were turned to off.

The fields would not effect the crew as the rays are projected outwards and the radiation danger would probably be less than the normal environment.

Those claiming to have seen a UFO have often reported bright lights and some have had strange radiation burns on their bodies giving witness to their stories.

Pressure Experiments.

The following experiments are included to show to you the power of a vacuum and air pressure that surrounds us.

Glass Tumbler

PLace some water in a glass tumbler ,surprisingly it does not need to full as some suggest.

Place a piece of cardboard or playing card over the top of glass and with a hand holding card in place.

Tip card and glass tumbler over quickly and remove you hand and the air pressure from the outside and the vacuum inside will hold the card and water in place without pouring onto the ground if done properly.

Egg in Milk Bottle

If you can get a milk bottle you can perform this experiment. and a not too big fresh egg and piece of paper and a lighter.

Put a slight splash of water around the top of the milk bottle to allow slight lubrication. Light a piece of paper and drop into milk bottle wait until the paper has nearly burn out and place egg on the neck of the bottle.

When the air inside of bottle has cooled it creates a slight vacuum in milk bottle and the outside pressure forces the egg inside bottle.

If you soak the egg in vinegar it will remove the outer shell and may make it easier to perform the experiment.

Now that you have got the egg in the bottle how do you get it out?

The only way I have seen is to put the bottle in your mouth and with lips around entire bottle give a strong blow and then put the egg into inside of neck of bottle. Keep blowing until egg starts to move through neck to outside.

There is another way however pour hot water into the bottle pour the egg into the neck and wait for the air inside the bottle to heat up and wait for the air pressure to build up and push the egg out.

You could probably do the above experiment like this with a small blown up balloon and a glass jar. The balloon would certainly be easier to remove than the egg.

This I have seen this happen by accident.

A hot coffee cup that has just been finished with and still hot is turned upside down on plastic place mat. What happens when the coffee cup cools there is a partial vacuum created inside the cup and the place mat is drawn into the cup and a seal is formed around the lip of the cup. When the cup is picked up later the place mat goes with it too.

Electrokinetic Apparatus Invented by T.T. Brown Filed July 3 1957 number 2,949,550

This device consisted of two disk shaped devices mounted on a freely revolving platform which carries two high voltage charges one positive and one negative supplied by a high voltage source.

The disks themselves are made of a dialectic centre, upon which are placed two conductors on the rims, one being made positive and the other one being made negative.

Both saucers have electrical connections the same, that is both of the back conductors on each disk are positive and the front conductors are negative.

The two conductors on any single disk should be far enough apart to prevent voltage sparking crossover between the two conductors on the said disk.

Upon applying the high voltage to both disks the apparatus began to revolve around the centre post gradually gathering speed.

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