hamel spin motor diagram

The Hamel Spinning device

At this time in Canada there is man by the name of David Hamel who claims to have been contacted by aliens

who showed him how to produce a flying saucer using the power of magnetic repulsion to power this craft.
David Hamel claims to have made a design using about $3000 dollars of tandy one inch magnets which when
flew created a bright light as it ascended towards the heaven.
At the same time electrical equipment in the area failed to function .
For more information on this man I suggest you check out the Project Magnet site on my helpful sites list.
There you can access information about a video and book by Pierre Sinclair describing David Hamel life story
and activities

The experiment

The drawing is an experiment that has excited some free energy personnel
although David Hamel does not claim it to be a free energy device but a demonstration of a greater principle.
But never the less the experiment is interesting to perform and is cheap to do so.
Parts Needed.
2 to 3 inch circular ceramic magnet with just over 7/8 inch hole in the centre
1 tandy 1 inch circular magnet or thereabouts
one steel ball bearing 7/8 inch in diagram
a hard surface kitchen top is excellent.
Place the ball bearing on the hard surface and then place the one inch magnet on top of the ball bearing
if it tilts over don't worry as when you bring the larger magnet with your hand towards the one inch magnet it
will come back up.
The magnet should be in an opposing mode that is north against north or south against south..
Move the larger magnet into position with your hands and hold it one inch or so above the smaller magnet.
The smaller magnet will find it own position from then on you will need to tilt the larger magnet with your hands
slightly to promote a spiral forward motion under the bigger magnet.
Keep the magnets far enough apart so that so do not become attached to one another.
with some practice you should be able to keep the ball bearing and magnet spinning for several minutes.
The Jnaudin web site on the helpful page listing may still allow you to download an AVI film of these things in operation.


 hamel 44 gallon drum diagram

The above is a diagram of the first machine David Hamel claims to have built. It consisted of three levels of cone disks with a ring of Tandy or radio shack magnets arranged in a circular pattern around the outer rim of each cone.

On the inner side of a forty four gallon or 200 litre drum there are also arranged another set of three circular magnet arrays and when then center cones are added to the center of the drum ,each magnet array is in opposition to those on the opposite disk.

Thats is to say all magnets are arranged so that north faces north or south faces south poles.

I have heard lately that David Hamel added some water to the cones to help in achieving a good balance with each cone when he built his first unit.

All cones fitted inside each other. and the top cone is held in placed by an opposing magnet when the lid of the forty four gallon drum is placed on top of said drum and held in place.

The drum is said to have been about two foot across and further units of eight feet diameter were also claimed to have been built.


animation showing how disks are fitted in hamel saucer project
animation showing how disks are fitted together
simple demo hamel spinner
another hamel demo

A constructors attempt at building hamel disk

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