Modified lord Kelvin setup

The authors own simple setup

 Modified lord Kelvin setup

Water drop electrostatic generator

In the late 19 th century and early 20 th century there was performed a nearly forgotten experiment that generated static electricity. by lord Kelvin

This a modified form that will give better results.

The frame work is made of PVC tubing that holds 4 x 1.5kg empty coffee tin cans or anything made of metal.

 Modified lord Kelvin setup

The top of the upper two tins will contain small plastic micro garden sprinklers popularly used and very cheap.

Both of the bottoms of the uppermost cans have about a two inch centre hole to allow water to drip into can below..

The two bottom cans have there tops completely removed and small holes punched in the bottom of each can to allow water to drip into a common collection tray.

Water is pumped through the plastic tube from the collection tray via a small car windscreen water pump and sent to the two sprinklers mounted in the lids and then the water drips through the can until it reaches the collection tray.

distance between top and bottom can should be such that water drips and is not a continuous flow.

Wire leads are connected to di-anglar cans and then to a spark gap terminal

When water is flowing a spark should be generated every twenty seconds experimentation will be needed to adjust the spark gap for better results.

 Modified lord Kelvin setup

A better built unit based on the above idea.

 Modified lord Kelvin setup