Title : Political Database of the Americas

Description : Comprehensive database of political information concerning all 35 independent nations of the Western Hemisphere. Base de datos con informaci?n pol?tica de los 25 pa?ses de la hemisferia del oeste. Base de données politiques concernant les 35 pays

Title : Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

keywords : libertarianism, quiz, political quiz, conservativism, liberalism, authoritarianism, political map, draft, drug laws, minimum wage

Title : FactCheck.org - Annenberg Political Fact Check

Title : Political Site of the Day - Some of the best, most interesting sites daily

Description : Political Site of the Day is one of the ORIGINAL Political Information sites (since 1995), and still is updated daily. An oldie but a goodie.
keywords : political site of the day,politics,government,political cartoon,political polls,political science,political sites,government sites,Republican,Democrat,liberalism,state government,local government,legislation,elections,veto,president,Congress,United

Title : PoliticalMoneyLine

Description : Money and politics tracking site. Follow Federal campaign finance, Federal lobbying and Federal legislation in one spot! This site is often sited by major media organizations, political parties and academia.
keywords : federal lobbying, federal lobby, campaign, campaign finance, political, lobby, lobbyist, lobbyists, lobbying, legislation, Federal, candidates, incumbents, standing committees, congress, political money, politics, lobby firms, elections, follow the

Title : Political Science Quarterly

Title : The Washington Monthly

Title : London School of Economics and Political Science

Title : ICPSR Front Page

Title : The Journal of Political, Electronic Edition