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Title : Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

Description : Put a group of people together at a party and observe how they behave. Differently than when they are alone? Differently than when they are with family? What if theyre in a stadium instead of at a party? What if theyre all men?
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Title : Welcome to The Department of Political Science - University of Toronto

Title : Political Science

Title : Pacific Northwest Political Science Association

Description : Official website for the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association.
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Title : Israel - Political Hemorrhaging - Worldpress.org

Description : Pundits and analysts are already grabbing pen and pad to jot down their assessment. Many believe Ariel Sharons political career is over.
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Title : Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Description : Bureau of Political-Military Affairs webpage
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Title : Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Title : Post Political Times

Title : Clamens Political Archives