Title : California Voter Foundation - California Map Series

Title : Barry Crimmins

Title : Political Compass Questionnaire

Title : BIPAC: Electing Business to Congress

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Title : Department of Political Affairs

Description : The Department of Political Affairs plays a central role in monitoring and assessing global political developments, advising the U.N. Secretary-General on actions that could advance the cause of peace, providing support and guidance to U.N. peace en
keywords : United Nations, Political Affairs, Peace, Peace Negotiations, Peacemaking, Mediation, Conflict Prevention, Diplomacy, Peace Building, Elections, Electoral Assistance, Security Council, Decolonization

Title : Political Organization Filing and Disclosure

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Title : income page of the solidaritygroup political prisoners

Title : Diebolds Political Machine

Description : Political insiders suggest Ohio could become as decisive this year as Florida was four years ago. Which is why the states plan to use paperless touch-screen voting machines has so many up in arms.

Title : OHCHR