Title : Tripod

Description : Tripod on Lycos, established in 1994, is one of the leading personal publishing communities on the Web. Tripod makes it easy for members to create their own blogs, web sites, get a web address (domain) and start publishing online.
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Title : Political Resources

Description : Politics, Political resources for corporate, candidate and issue campaigns- searchable product and services directory, job board, library of campaign how-to articles, campaigns links, Political Web Notes and campaign web links
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Title : Political Commentaries by Edward S. Herman

Description : by Economist and media analyst Edward S. Herman, Wharton School Professor of Finance Emeritus, economist and media analyst writes on the Russian corruption case and the shakedown state model, the western betrayal of east Timor, Pol Pot and Henry Ki

Title : Celebrity news, Celebrity gossip, Celebrity photos - Pictures and Biography

Description : Celebrity news and gossip are our specialty. A source on your favorite celebs such as celebrity gossip, celebrity photos, celeb hairstyles and celebrity birthdays.
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Title : Political Satire Fake News - The Nose On Your Face

Title : Wonkette, Politics for People with Dirty Minds

Description : From Washington D.C., politics for people with dirty minds.
keywords : Wonkette,politics,Washington,Washington D.C.,media,blog

Title : Political Economy Journal | Studies in Political Economy | SPE

Description : Studies in Political Economy is an interdisciplinary journal committed to the publication of original work in socialist political economy
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Title : Committee on Government Reform Minority Office

Title : Entertainment and Chaplin

Description : Essay on the later life of Charlie Chaplin with related links
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Title : RCN - Homepage