Title : Power Quality, Distributed Generation, Transmission and Distribution Services: EPRI PEAC Corp

Description : power quality is the primary activity of epri peac corporation, but we also work with distributed generation, utilities, monitoring, training, and other electrical engineering services.
keywords : power, quality, testing, pq, distributed, generation, training, compatibility, electricity, utilities, utility, electric, monitoring, disturbance, disturbances, investigations, field, troubleshooting

Title : GovTrack.us: Track Federal Legislation

Description : Track the issues in the U.S. Congress that interest you: status of legislation, voting records, representatives speeches, statistics, and more.
keywords : bills, legislation, law, congress, vote, votes, voting record, absentee votes, senator, representative, house of representatives, senate, speeches, issues, campaign

Title : AFS Trinity Power — A revolution in power control featuring advanced flywheel battery technology.

Description : Commercializing the worlds most advanced flywheel battery technology addressing the expanding global demand for ultra-reliable elecric power and energy storage. AFS Trinity produces flywheel battery systems that insure power quality, power storage,
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Title : Faculty Engineering and Applied Science Home - UOIT

Description : The University of Ontario Institute of Technology provides a broad range of programming, to help ensure that employers have a ready source of the highly skilled doers/thinkers/leaders they need.

Title : MPower Batteries Custom Battery Packs, Battery Management Systems, Battery Technology Encyclopaedia and Tutorial

Description : Battery knowledge base, battery technology, battery encyclopaedia provided by MPower Solutions - custom battery pack design and specialist battery manufacturing company
keywords : custom, specialist, battery packs, batteries, packs, manufacturing, design, battery management systems, battery technology, chargers, dc-dc converters, ac inverters, bms, battery management, systems, test equipment, analysers, energy cells, lithium,

Title : WARF - Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Description : Since 1925, WARF has served the University of Wisconsin-Madison by patenting the discoveries of its scientists and licensing these technologies to leading companies in Wisconsin, the U.S. and worldwide.
keywords : stem cell, technology transfer

Title : UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) and DC Power systems from Powerware

Description : UPS Powerware Your source for UPS Power surgeprotectors, UPS Power systems, UPS Power system analysis, UPS Power system protection,Powerware UPS, Telecom power systems and Uninterruptible powersystems

Title : World Technology Evaluation Center: Welcome

Description : World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC), Inc. The nations leading resource for international technology assessments.
keywords : international technology evaluation, Duane Shelton, R. D. Shelton, ITRInews, ST, RD, technology transfer, technology assessment, international science, international technologies, ITRI, WTEC, Japanese technology, world technology, biosensi


Description : EOLSS body of knowledge,The EOLSS body of knowledge is an integrated compendium of sixteen component encyclopedias .It attempts to forge pathways between disciplines in order to show their interdependence and helps foster the transdisciplinary aspec
keywords : EOLSS body of knowledge is an integrated compendium of sixteen component encyclopedias,It attempts to forge pathways between disciplines, in order to show their interdependence, helps foster the transdisciplinary aspects of the relationship, between

Title : Welcome to the Materials Research Institute

Description : Welcome to the Materials Research Institute
keywords : welcome, to, materials, research, institute

Title : EPSRC Website

Description : The EPSRC is the source of official information about engineering and physical sciences research grants and funding
keywords : epsrc, research council, grant, grants, funds, funding, physical science, engineering, engineer, engineers, graduate, postgraduate, college, university, universities, education, academic, student, students, support, training, proposal, proposals, po

Title : ECES IEA Homepage

Description : Energy storage technologies are a strategic and necessary component for the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. There is a great technical potential to substitute for burning fossil fuels by using stored heat t
keywords : Energy Storage ECES IEA, Energy, Storage, Research , Development, Seasonal Storage, short term storage, Thermal energy storage, Underground Thermal Energy Storage, Aquifer cavern storage, pit storage, borehole storage, Ground heat exchangers, Latent

Title : UCLA Capital Programs

Title : Alexanders Gas & Oil Connections

Description : Alexanders Gas & Oil Connections is a site for the gas, oil and affiliated industry giving an overview of the trends and happenings in and around the global energy-value chain
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Title : Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering