Title : EPSRC Website

Description : The EPSRC is the source of official information about engineering and physical sciences research grants and funding
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Title : ECES IEA Homepage

Description : Energy storage technologies are a strategic and necessary component for the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. There is a great technical potential to substitute for burning fossil fuels by using stored heat t
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Title : UCLA Capital Programs

Title : Alexanders Gas & Oil Connections

Description : Alexanders Gas & Oil Connections is a site for the gas, oil and affiliated industry giving an overview of the trends and happenings in and around the global energy-value chain
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Title : Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Title : Inbox Robot - Business News Media Monitoring

Description : Inbox Robot. Stories you wont find elsewhere. A news service for research professionals and analysts.

Title : RiskCenter: A Financial Risk Management Media Company

Description : Financial Risk Management News is for financial professionals whose responsibility is to measure or manage business risks. Use risk-adjusted information in determining asset allocation strategies.
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Title : FEA: Financial Engineering Associates

Description : Leading the globe in providing derivatives analytics and risk management solutions. FEA is one of the worlds leading developers of financial and energy risk analytics software.
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Title : Active Power - Battery-Free Solutions

Description : Active Powers patented flywheel technology, CleanSource®, is an integrated motor-generator-flywheel that stores kinetic energy in its constantly spinning, quiet, low friction steel disc. Stored energy from the flywheel is instantly converted to ele
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Title : Society of Plastics Engineers

Description : Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and education needed by all plastics and polymer professionals.
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Title : Defense Technical Information Center: Search

Title : ISE Corporation - Leading Supplier of Electric Buses, Hybrid Electric Buses, Hybrid Buses, Electric Trucks, Hybrid Electric Trucks, Hybrid Trucks, and Components for Heavy Duty vehicles

Description : ISE Corporation is a leading supplier of electric trucks and buses, hybrid electric trucks and buses, and hybrid drive systems and components for heavy-duty vehicles.
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Title : GlobalSpec: air compressors, electric motors, bearings, bar code scanners and other engineering products at GlobalSpec.com

Description : Find air compressors, electric motors, bearings, bar code scanners and other engineering equipment through the specsearch catalogs. GlobalSpec.com allows you to specify your criteria for engineering products such as electric motors.
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Title : Electricity, electric power industry information

Description : Electricity Forum is an information resource for the electric power industry.
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