Title : Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group

Title : ETHZ Institute of Robotics

Description : The Institute of Robotics emerged from the Institute of Mechanics in January 1990. It is a member of the interdisciplinary Mechatronics Group of the ETH. Within the scopes of Mechatronics we do research on the dynamics of controlled mechanical syste
keywords : Robots, Robotics, Magnetic Bearings, Nanorobotics, Nanotechnology, Embedded Control, Real-Time System

Title : Home Page Aspes AG

Description : ASPES Engineering AG, Switzerland: The page devoted to flywheels and other high speed rotors
keywords : ASPES aspes flywheel Schwungrad kinetic energy storage kinetische Energiespeicherung renewable energy composite rotors carbon fibers glass fibers hybrid car erneuerbare Energie faserverst?rkte Kunsstoffe Kohlefasern Glasfasern Hybridantrieb

Title : The Industrial Refrigeration Consortium Website: Home

Description : The Industrial Refrigeration Consortium is a collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin Madison and industry. Our goal is to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of industrial refrigeration systems and technologies.
keywords : refrigeration, ammonia, industry, industrial refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, IRC, ammonia refrigeration, refrigeration training, refrigeration education, refrigeration safety, efficiency, productivity, refrigeration research, tec

Title : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Description : Web site for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
keywords : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Title : The University of Texas at Austin Physics Department

Title : ARI2004 Website

Title : University of Wisconsin HVAC&R Center

Title : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Title : New NITG Website

Title : IABSE

Description : IABSE Home
keywords : International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering SEI

Title : Index for U of A Web -); INSERT INTO info VALUES (U of A Web - University of Alberta

Title : REPS Carbon Dioxide Systems, Sales, Service, Carbon Dioxide Systems Consulting, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, Electric Trim Heaters, Vaporizers, Water bath Vaporizers, Ambient Pressure Vaporizers, Steam Vaporizers, Final Line Regulators, Storage Vessels, Pre

Description : REPS is where you turn for results when you are setting up a new CO2 system or maintaining your current system. We offer only the highest quality parts to our customers. Consulting by one of the most knowlegable professionals in the CO2 industry is
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Title : Journal of Biological Chemistry

Description : Web site for Journal of Biological Chemistry.
keywords : Journal of Biological Chemistry

Title : NC State Physics Demonstrations

Description : Collection of physics demonstrations withphotographs, movies, vendor information and references. Classified using thePIRA Demonstration Classification Scheme.
keywords : demos, demonstrations, physics, physicsdemonstrations, lecture demonstrations, physics demos