Title : Welcome To The Department of Mathematics!!

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Title : Air Force Research Laboratory Technology Horizons

Description : Air Force Research Laboratory Technology Horizons
keywords : engineering, Technology Transfer, Air Force, patent, optics, laser, electronics, components, manufacturing, fabrication, mechanics, innovation

Title : Office of Naval Research - ONR

Description : The Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsors science and technology in support of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Founded in 1946, ONR today funds work at more than 450 universities, laboratories, and other organizations.
keywords : ONR, Navy, naval, science, technology, research, contracts, grants, solicitations, BAA, surveillance, mathematical, combat, ocean, space, sensing, engineering, S&T, mechanical, warfare, FNC, future naval capabilities, innovation, fleet

Title : Liebert Corporation - Liebert, an Emerson Network Power company, is the world leader in protecting business-critical systems with a complete range of power, cooling and monitoring solutions and services.

Description : Emerson Network Power, the global leader in enabling business-critical continuity, ensures network resiliency and adaptability through a family of technologies - including Liebert power and cooling technologies - that protect and support business-cr
keywords : Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS, Liebert, Liebert UPS, Emerson, Business-Critical, Critical Systems Management, Mission-Critical, Business Continuity, Heat Density, High Density, Power, Cooling, Monitoring, High Availability, Power Protection, Pow

Title : SC Electric Company - Electric Power Switching and Protection, Power Quality Specialists

Description : Switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution. Also, power quality products, substation equipment and power engineering services.

Title : The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Description : Stockton College is an undergraduate and graduate college of the arts, sciences, and professional studies within the New Jersey system of higher education.

Title : Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity

keywords : idaho national laboratory, inl

Title : ExpressNews - University of Alberta

Title : VRB Power Systems Incorporated

Title : BUSRide Magazine - 1-800-541-2670 - Power Trade Media, LLC.

Description : February 10 2006, Power Trade Media , LLC publishes trade magazines for the bus, motor coach and transit industries such as BUSRide, The Bus Industry Directory and the Bus Garage Index. Our web site provides news, calendars and a classified ads sect
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Title : Eng-Tips Forums

Title : Origin of Universe, Nature of Man and Proper Government

Title : Austin Energy - More Than Electricity

Title : Small-Scale Chemistry

Title : Linking Missile Defense Technology to Commercial Applications

Description : www.mdatechnology.net is a technology portal offering free information about leading-edge military innovations to facilitate their commercialization.
keywords : abstracts, Missile Defense Agency, MDA, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, BMDO, business opportunities, dual-use, innovation, intellectual property, invention, know how, licensing, technology, technology transfer, trade secret, patent, RD, res