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Title : Origin of Universe, Nature of Man and Proper Government

Title : Austin Energy - More Than Electricity

Title : Small-Scale Chemistry

Title : Linking Missile Defense Technology to Commercial Applications

Description : www.mdatechnology.net is a technology portal offering free information about leading-edge military innovations to facilitate their commercialization.
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Title : ACCEL Instrument GmbH is a major supplier for superconducting magnets, accelerating units, insertion devices, and turn key systems for industry and research and development.

Description : ACCEL Instruments is a major supplier for magnets, accelerating units, insertion devices, and turn key systems for industry and research and development.
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Title : IP Address properties of your Internet Connection –> showmyip.com <–

Description : IP Address properties of your Internet Connection
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Title : 7×24 Exchange Home

Title : Premium Power Corporation - Energy & Power Storage Solutions

Description : Premium Power Corporation - a leading manufacturer of energy storage and power quality assurance solutions
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Title : Welcome to the Touch Briefings Series

Description : The Touch Briefings series is an intelligence-focused service delivered through in-depth industry analyses within global markets.
keywords : Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Reports

Title : DARPA Home

Title : University Technology - new technologies available from all Scotlands universities.

Description : University-technology.com provides access to licensing, collaboration, investment and consultancy opportunities from all of Scotlands universities.University-technology.com is updated regularly with new technologies available for technology transfe
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Title : CAES

Description : CAES home page

Title : Azure Dynamics

Title : Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating

Description : AIRAH - Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating
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