Title : DARPA Home

Title : University Technology - new technologies available from all Scotlands universities.

Description : University-technology.com provides access to licensing, collaboration, investment and consultancy opportunities from all of Scotlands universities.University-technology.com is updated regularly with new technologies available for technology transfe
keywords : University New technology Scotland,Technology transfer,Licensing opportunities,Technology based innovation,Science and innovation,Commercialisation of science and technology,Knowledge transfer,University Research

Title : CAES

Description : CAES home page

Title : Azure Dynamics

Title : Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating

Description : AIRAH - Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating
keywords : air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, legionella, institute, australia, membership, network-AIRAH, AIRAH, industry reference centre, reference, building services, ammonia, cold storage, cooling towers, indoor air quality, water trea

Title : Greater Flagstaff Economic Council

Description : Greater Flagstaff Economic Council is the lead Economic Development Agency of Northern Arizona.
keywords : Flagstaff, Arizona, AZ, Economy, Business, Manufacturing,Site Selection, Relocation, Relocate, Northern, Skiing, Bio-tech

Title : GMIC Glass Manufacturing Industry Council

Description : U.S. Glass Industry association representing all industry sectors: flat, container, fiber and specialty glass. Coordinating a research portfolio with Department of Energy and other Associations to improve overall glass industry productivity and envi
keywords : Glass

Title : CRF - Centro Ricerche Fiat

Title : Public Utilities Reports, Inc. — Publisher of information and analysis on utilities.

Description : Public Utilities Reports, Inc. (PUR) -- the leading provider of information andanalysis to the electric, natural gas, water and telecommunications industries for more than 85 years.
keywords : power, electric, electricity, natural gas, energy, gas, news, analysis, information, perspective, generation, transmission, distribution, utility, power management, policy, public utility commission, public service commission, puc, psc, ferc, resear

Title : United Kingdom Parliament home page

Title : Fun Trivia Quizzes - Worlds Largest Trivia and Quiz Site!

Description : The worlds largest and most popular trivia website with over 600,000 trivia questions and quizzes
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Title : FuelCellWorks.com

Description : A compilation of News, Research,Links, and anything related to Fuel Cells and Alternative Energy
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Title : Elmhurst College: Elmhurst, Illinois

Description : Elmhurst College | Elmhurst, Illinois
keywords : college, private, liberal, arts, illinois, Elmhurst, DuPage, Division III, business, education, nursing, computer science, psychology, United Church of Christ (UCC), UCC, midwest, selective, B.A., small, university

Title : ElecDir - Electronics and Electrical Web Directory

Description : Electronics and Electrical Web Directory - Electronics, Electrical, Consumer Electronics, Home Electronics, Electrical Supply, Electrical Engineering
keywords : electronics, electrical, consumer electronics, home electronics, electrical supply, electrical engineering

Title : SkyTower

Description : Revolutionary Technology for Bridging the Last-Mile
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