Title : TNO - Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO

Description : Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO

Title : electrospun nanofiber technology solutions

Description : Homepage of eSpin Technologies. Global leader in electrospun nanofiber manufacturing technology and nanotechnology products.
keywords : electrospun nanofiber technology nanofibers, nanospin, espin, electrospinning, electrospin, nanotechnology, nanotech, fibers, nanoproducts, innovative, solutions

Title : Engineering: Black Veatch

Description : Black & Veatch is challenging the frontiers of knowledge to provide energy, information, water and other vital infrastructure for a better world.
keywords : Black & Veatch, B&V, BV, Binnie, BVSG, Solutions Group, Paterson Candy, EPC, Pritchard, engineering, construction, consulting, enterprise, architecture, energy, combined cycle, simple, combustion turbine, cogeneration, coal, nuclear, renewable, powe

Title : All Science News In One Place - UniSci

Description : UniSci is a newsletter of science stories from the major research labs. Headlines link to in-depth articles and editorials. UniSci keeps scientists and others up-to-date on current research.
keywords : science news, research news, daily news

Title : Good Company Associates: Home

Title : The American Institute of Physics — Physics Publications and Resources

Description : Gateway for news, jobs, and other physics resources. AIP is a leading STM publisher of research journals, proceedings and other scientific publications. AIP provides services for scientific societies including membership and subscription management
keywords : physics, physics publisher, physics publishing, physics information, physics societies, member societies, physics journals, journal publishing, scientific publishing

Title : Survival, Disaster Preparedness, Food Storage and Shelters

Title : Cirene (Centre dInitiative et de Recherche dans le domaine de lEnergie et de lEnvironnement)

Description : Spécialisé dans lénergie et lenvironnement : changement climatique, gaz à effet de serre, capture, stockage et séquestration du CO2. Le CIRENE réalise des études et conférences à destination des industriels, collectivités, ...
keywords : CIRENE, CO2, effet de serre, energie, environnement, centre, initiative, recherche, environnemental, ecologie, etudes, conferences, rapports, reglementation, changement, climatique, capture, stockage, sequestration, climat, association, ducroux, jea

Title : Energy Storage Instruments, Battery charging and test equipment

Description : Battery charger and analyzer design and manufacture for nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion and lead acid type rechargable batteries.
keywords : battery charger chargers charging, analyzer, analyzers, batteries, nicd, nimh, lithium-ion, sla, battery, charger, nickel, cadmium, metal, hydried, lead, acid, testing

Title : NanoGram Corporation

Description : NanoGram develop and commercialize new nanoscale materials for optical, electronic and energy storage applications and products : nanomaterials synthesis, laser process, LDR, RMS, manufacturing
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Title : Energiparken.hia.no

Description : Dokument language: Norwegian -- A test energy-plant in Grimstad Norway, with PV and termanal solar collectors and heat-pumps
keywords : RE,Reneweble energy,PV,solarenergy,solarcells,Fuelcell,grid tied,grid-tied

Title : Transformatory ..::FERYSTER::.. Producent element?w indukcyjnych

Description : FERYSTER Producent element?w indukcyjnych - transformatory impulsowe - d³awiki przeciwzak³?ceniowe - cewki - rdzenie ferrytowe ...
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Title : Company profile

Title : Energy Installations, Inc.

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Title : INESC Porto - Power Systems Unit